Preacher: Pastor Chris Ubamadu

Date: 04 October 2015

Bible Verse: Exodus 35 & 36

The children of Israel had just left Egypt where they were in bondage/slavery for 430 years. God sent Moses to deliver and lead them to a promised land. He gave Moses an instruction to build a place of worship. God specifically asked for those who were willing to give their resources and not just those who had the resources or ability to give. It is worthy to remember that the children of Israel were in transit in the wilderness and practically had nothing.  We should also note that this condition didn’t change the expectation of God from them.

When Moses instructed the children of Israel, they gave their resources willingly. They brought several things necessary for building the house of God despite being in the wilderness and having their own needs/liabilities. They gave not because they had no need for the things they gave, but because they had an understanding that God is the supplier of their needs.  In Exodus 36: 3, the Bible recorded that there were more than enough materials for the work.

In 2 Kings 17: 9 – 16, Elijah met a widow with a child who had nothing. It was a time of famine and they could therefore not farm or do anything much to meet their needs. Elijah asked her for food because he was very hungry. The woman had a willing heart and gave the man of God her last regardless of the fact that she didn’t know where her next meal would come from. Due to her willingness to give, she never lacked throughout the famine instead she was sustained and had more than enough. The same God is still in the business of doing good and repaying the willingness of heart.

As Christians, each time we partner with God, three things happen:

  1. We make God a partner in our own work. We invite him to be part of what we do. The children of God wanted a partnership with God because they knew that he is the source of Favour and Grace.  If the children of Israel needed God in the wilderness, then we need him much more especially in this time of economic depression. When men say there is a casting down, we say there is a lifting up Job 22:29.
  2. We make him our sustenance. The children of Israel in the wilderness knew that they needed God at every point/day of their lives. When we trust the God that says silver and gold are mine Haggai 2:8, our economy becomes higher than the economy of the land we dwell in.
  3. We cannot be empty handed when we give to God. The widow was sustained after giving all that she had to Elijah. She understood how to trust God for her sustenance despite not having anything. God is taking us to a place where there is an abundance of resources as we continue to give to him willingly.