Preacher: Rev. Aniekan Udoh     

Date: 25 October 2015


Bible Verses: Proverbs 17: 17, 18:24, 27: 6, 9. 1 Thessalonians  4:6, Songs of Solomon 8:4 Exodus 33:11 1 Samuel  13:14 Genesis 18:17, 27 John 15:12-15 Matt 26:50

Marriage is a life long journey into intimacy and friendship.  The relationship between a man and a woman is the oldest relationship and form of friendship. Friendship goes beyond the familiar and transcends the erotic. It is not built on obligations. Friendship is the foundation of any marital relationship and should be built on the platform of knowledge and understanding.  Love grows out of friendship and friendship is not built on obligations. When choosing a spouse, seek commitment and not love. It is a fraud to get intimate without commitment

Knowing someone and building friendship is a deliberate and determined decision – It does not happen automatically. This knowledge should be personal and based on experience. You should make the effort to know and understand the person you are relationship with. Any fool can know but it takes the wise to understand. Premarital sex should be avoided at all cost becomes when the act is involved, the relationship becomes sensual and based on feelings. Unfortunately, feelings change. This physical involvement distorts right judgment and perspective.

God instructs us to flee premarital sex. When God instructs us, he is for our Good because he understands the complication.   It is very stupid to think you know more than God.  However, you have to believe that it is possible to be in a relationship today without premarital sex. If you believe that there can never be a relationship without sex, then you believe a lie. Lies don’t last but the truth remains.

Building friendship means learning to be sincere. Friends will stand up for you because they are friends and not because they will get anything from you. When building friendship, speak from the heart and not calculated thoughts. Nevertheless, we should be mindful of your friend’s heart so as not to injure or kill your spirit. The truth builds trust and there is no greater foundation than trust.  Friendship has the following features:

  1. Obedience is a test of friendship – to grant request is a display of friendship
  2. Friendship is built on knowledge
  3. Friends do not without good from one another
  4. Friends help each other to be productive
  5. Friends push you into the fulfillment of God’s will