Preacher: Pastor Abimbola Akerele

Date: 18 October 2015


A limit is a point beyond which it is not possible to go. Women of today have come a long way from how it was in the past. However, women should not be in struggle or competition with men. Women have perspectives that men can never have and verse versa. A woman should be mindful of the limits she places on herself as the bible says: we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us Philippians 4:13. Women have a purpose for life and this must be discovered in order to live a successful life.

The first step in rising above limits is discovering purpose. The tides and storms of life should not push or toss you to and fro. Women should take the time to discover this purpose as God has a purpose for everyone. Look inwards and discover the areas of life where you are strong or talented. Your purpose can find you or you find it yourself.

The second step is to have a plan for success. You have to define what success means to you personally and work towards it. The flow and tides of life should not affect this purpose.  As a woman, there is a time to achieve everything you have defined for success Ecclesiastes 3:1. You have to pay your dues in your early years and put in your best wherever you find yourself.  Even though, there are times when the winds of life blow us, we must continue to dwell in the will of God.

Thirdly, after discovering purpose, you must be willing to adapt to changes. Do not be too proud to step down or do some certain essentials that will get you to that purpose having in mind where you are going to. God gives grace to the humble but opposes the proud. In life, in order to be lucky, you have to work hard – Lucky = hard work + Opportunity with Opportunity being the hand of God who keeps you at the right place and raises his voice on your behalf.

At the home front, you need to be there for your children to guide them academically and nurture them to be all round individuals inculcating the values you want in them. There is no point staying at home if you are not going to add value. Family is the basic unit for the society. When family thrives, the society thrives.  We pray that God opens the right doors for us in our journey of life.

As a woman, you must have time for your children and home. Entrepreneurs should involve their children in the business they do as this might help them find their purpose in life. Your husband must never be neglected either when taking care of the children or in your career. Finally, Jesus should be the anchor of your life. Life is imperfect, your husband is imperfect, you are imperfect, and therefore, only Jesus Christ can make life perfect. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us Philippians 4: 13