Preacher: Pastor Richard Kakulu

Date: 29 November 2015

Bible Verses: 2nd Kings 5: 1 – 6, 6: John 5:5

Naaman, a General of the Syrian army had leprosy. He was advised by his wife’s maid who was an Israeli to go Israel for healing. When Elisha heard of the problem, he sent for Naaman. Elisha then instructed Naaman to go wash in river Jordan. Naaman was very unhappy that the prophet did not even come out to see him and that, river Jordan in Israel was selected. In his opinion, there are many better rivers in Syria where he came from. Naaman was advised to just obey the word of the prophet and he obeyed.
The Bible recorded that after dipping seven times in river Jordan, his skin became as that of a young child, fresh and clean. As Christians, we should obey the word of God as instructed no matter how silly it may look or sound. We are simply expected to obey even if it deviates from what we are used to. God is bigger that the way we think. The lame man by the pool side in Betsaida was instructed by Jesus to pick up his bed and go home. This was different from the usual way of healing where an angel stirs up the pool once in a year, and the first person to jumps becomes healed of his illness. The lame man obeyed and became healed.
The way the heavens are higher than the earth so are God’s ways higher than ours. We should simply just obey God. The ways of the world are different from the ways of the Church. A thousand years on earth is like a day in God’s sight. It doesn’t matter how bad the situation is, God can turn it around in a twinkle of an eye.