Preacher: Reverend Toyin Ubamadu

Date: 15 May 2016

Bible Verses: 2nd Timothy 2:15

The bible admonishes us to study to show ourselves approved in 2nd Timothy 2:15. It is very important to set aside time to know what God is saying. There is a difference between studying the bible and just reading it. When we study, we gain knowledge for personal use and application in our personal lives.

I.e. knowing what God is saying personally to us. Studying is digging deep into a literature while reading is glancing through. As born again Christians, we need to know the mind of God concerning situations in our lives. We can study on a particular topic or character in the bible. It doesn’t matter the number of hours spent but the quality of time.

Importance of studying the word of God

  • You will know the mind of God: when you take time to study the word of God personally, you will know what God is saying about a particular situation
  • Psalm 119:105: the word of God is a light to our path. Light, as it were, guides us in darkness. So that is how the word of God guides us accordingly in this world. It shows us what direction to take
  • It helps you grow. 1 Peter 2:2: As born again Christians, we should desire the sincere word of God. In this world, there are different doctrines floating around but it is only when we know God personally we can know the doctrines that are of God or not. Acts:17:14
  • It transforms you. Romans 12:2
  • It reveals God’s plan for us: Jeremiah 29:11


How to study the word of God

  • Choose a quiet place to avoid distraction
  • Set a specific time: For example, every Friday. In this period of economic difficulty in Nigeria, it’s time to study God’s word to know how to thrive
  • Get materials I.e. different versions of the bible, podcasts, e-messages, books etc.
  • Meditate on the word of God and communicate to God
  • Compare scriptures with scriptures