We are a branch of Church of God Mission International which was founded by Archbishop Benson Idahosa of blessed memory.

We identify ourselves with Acts 29:1; as we believe we are a continuation of the Acts of Apostles as we bring positive influence to our world.

At Church4Real, we bring you the simple message of the love of God – Jesus. In Him, not only do we have forgiveness of sin, we also receive the strength to live right. In Him we live, we progress and we conquer.

Our earnest desire and prayer as you join us in fellowship is that you may experience the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the sweet fellowship of the Holy Spirit. We pray that you receive grace to INFLUENCE YOUR WORLD.

God bless you.


“To raise transformed individuals, who will positively influence their world”





Chris Ubamadu is a quintessential teacher of God’s Word. He is widely acknowledged for his calling and consistency in teaching the Word of God with simplicity, clarity and power.

He has been actively involved in ministry for 3 decades raising men and women from their insignificance to greatness. He was a legendary Teenage Leader at the International Headquarters of Church of God Mission from where he transcended to leading the Youth Fellowship and eventually shepherding the Campus Fellowship, Love Family, at the University of Benin, Benin City.

He is deeply passionate about transforming the current state and future of Nigeria and grooming generation of men and women who will positively influence their world.

Chris is an accomplished banker, entrepreneur, husband of one wife and father of 3 children.

He is a pioneer member of Church4Real and became Senior Pastor of the Church on 28 July 2013. He continues to lead the church unto new dimensions of excellence and influence with several flagship community development projects and outreach initiatives.




Uyi Uhunmwangho popularly known as Uyiagho is difficult to describe.

Uyiagho is multi – dimensional and ubiquitous. He is a lawyer, banker, life coach, mentor and humour merchant. He is extremely passionate about ministry, his relationship with people as well as their relationship with God; and he effortlessly exudes a brilliant charisma with his contagious unconventional dance steps and humour.

He has been actively involved in ministry for several years including leading a thriving Youth Fellowship in Benin City to exceptional heights and leading a phenomenal church drama group in Abuja. He has been deeply involved in major outreach initiatives for over 2 decades and continues to contribute his quota to kingdom service.

He currently runs “Mentoring with Uyiagho” an organized free monthly mentoring and coaching clinic with each stream running for 12 months.

Uyiagho functions as the Associate and Administrative Pastor of Church4Real. In addition, he currently heads the Services Directorate which is saddled with the responsibility of organizing internal and external church programs. He is married to Favour (a brilliant commercial and advocacy lawyer) and at the time of this post, they have been blessed with 3 children.




Toyin Ubamadu is a vessel who God has used to bless several lives by teaching them how to implement the Word of God in their daily lives and businesses. She is deeply rooted in prayers and displays a passionate desire to see ladies and women exercise their spiritual authority while becoming successful in their private endeavours.

She was fully ordained into ministry by the laying on of hands by the Archbishop Margaret Benson – Idahosa, the Presiding Bishop of Church of God Mission International. She is happily married to the Senior Pastor, Chris Ubamadu, and she is blessed with 3 children.

She has a thriving chain of businesses with international reach.

She coordinates the Fellowship Directorate at Church4Real which includes the Couples Fellowship (LoveNest), Singles Fellowship, the Christian Women Fellowship International (CWFI) and the Agape (teenagers) Fellowship.




Patrick Edwards popularly known as “Area Pastor” is a dynamic multi – talented individual. Along with his wife, Bola, he currently runs the Proud Africa Roots company which seeks to instil values and groom children into positions of leadership, authority and integrity.  The mileage achieved with this ministry tool has been phenomenal and their network now has extensive international reach.

His wife and 2 children are very actively involved in the vision to reach and raise Godly children with deep spiritual values worldwide.

Patrick is a music producer, song writer, worship leader, evangelist and pioneer Pastor of the Pidgin English church/service, an initiative of Church4Real.